We are Clean! How?
  • we wash our mats with environmentally safe detergent every month
  • we spray our mats with water, tea tree oil, lemon oil and eucalyptus after every use
  • we wash the balls, pads, and blocks every month
  • our blankets are washed and hung out twice a year
  • our studio is lovingly, thoroughly cleaned top to bottom once a week
  • we only use environmentally safe cleaners and oils - no fragrances

We are Green! 
We've been listed as one of Plymouth's Environmental Champions! 
We try our best to tread lightly. Let us tell you how! We: 
  • purchase wind energy to offset our energy use
  • recycle paper, tp tubes, paper towel tubes
  • send packaging BACK to companies for them to re-use
  • re-use envelopes, packages, packaging, coupons, backs of paper
  • we do not use chemicals when we clean...all plant-based organic products.
  • have rechargable batteries
  • set the heat on a timer
  • have eco-friendly ceiling tiles to conserve heat
  • offer fun incentives for biking, walking
  • have reusable glasses for water instead of plastic water bottles for sale
  • use compostable paper towels and hand towels in the bathrooms
  • wash our hands with Dr. Bronner's eco-friendly soap
  • don't have bags in our four garbages
  • compost all compostables
  • shortened some 75's to 60's! 
  • unashamedly re-use, re-gift, and re-everything!!