Juice & Yoga Cleanse
One week of amazing unlimited yoga to move, groove, eliminate & celebrate!  3 delicious days of no shopping, chopping or mopping, Juice-tastic Green Bee Juicery provides delicious cold-pressed juices, nutritious nut milks, tinctures, bath salts, tea and plenty of supportive instructions to gitter done right!

MBSR Experiential Workshop
Come experience MBSR and be a better YOU!  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is ‘moment to moment non-judgmental awareness” developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn.  Our special “get right to it” mini class will include simple, relaxing yoga poses, breath work, meaningful readings and guided body scans to help you get it, apply it, use it and take it away with you.  Come as you are.  All levels very welcome—from the super stiff and stressed, to the drunk uncle, to the balance challenged, to the nubile youngsters.  No yoga clothes necessary.  Bring a mat and water, por favor.  Can’t wait!!

Beginners Workshop
Spend 90 minutes having fun, exploring YOGA for YOU!  Laugh, chat, move, de-mystify, play with great well-trained, fun teachers.  Bring a friend and see how easy it is to feel great!  Relax and ask questions after...

YogaNap  Workshop
Are you serious about your wellness and health?  Come take a yummy yoga staycation and rest deeply with us. Don’t worry – nothing sweaty, stretchy or bendy. You'll be supported with simple yoga props to peacefully settle into a physical, mental and heartfelt rest that is healing and profound. Your body knows what it needs…it just needs a deep, conscious rest to sort things out. Class includes: aromatherapy, foot massage, guided meditation, benefit chit-chat to make you a believer, and a deeelish gluten-free dark chocolate coconut brownie. PS lucky for you, we have a mini version of this Monday evenings at 7pm.
Date Night Yoga
Held around Valentines Day every year. Fun, simple yoga poses and massages, snacks, chocolate, sexy tunes. Bring your sweetie and BYOB (beer, wine, champagne, water)!! 

Laughter Yoga                                                                       
Come laugh with us the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm at St. Joseph's Church on the hill behind yogamn... Please look for more info under the Laughter Meditation tab.

Other Cool Things We Do
  • Whiskey Tasting
  • Spruce Gin Dance Party
  • 3 Day Smoothie Cleanse with Emily's Fresh Kitchen
  • Yoga Challenges