yogamn is locally owned and operated by Mary Margaret Anderson and her band of amazing instructors and staff for YOU since 2001.

Our Mission Statement:
To be a blessing for the community and have fun!

Mary (teacher) - Stop reading this and come have fun with ME in class.  I can't wait to fall in love with you.

Julie (teacher) - I want to live this amazing life to the fullest.  Deep breathing, prayer, healthy food and yoga are all part of the recipe.

Ally (deskie) - Try to be mindful of the PRESENT moment; be thankful for it and enjoy each one we are given.

Michelle (teacher) - We are all connected in our humanity through breath, love and fart jokes.

Tammy (special ops) - "The quieter you become, the more you can hear."  Ram Dass

Kelsie (teacher) - Simplicity is key.  Find happiness in the little things.  Just get on your mat and breathe!

Christine (teacher) - When you stop and look around, life is pretty darn amazing.  Yoga helps us to find the space to actually be able to stop and not only see the amazing things around you, but also the amazingness of you!  Let's create some space together!

Martha L (teacher) - Yoga is a self-improvement project.  Physical benefits.  mental benefits, relationship benefits.  Come to Yoga MN, move and breathe with us, and be well!

Sherry (teacher) - Give lots, take little, expect nothing!